Health care is defined by pockets of brilliance that need to be bridged.
Coordinated care transforms health care delivery for both patients and providers.

CareBridge develops medical neighborhoods through care management, standard processes and timely assemblage of patient information. Patients and care providers striving to make informed decisions have what they need, when they need it.

Medical Neighborhoods 
CareBridge connects patients and health care professionals across the continuum to create a community that transforms health care delivery.

  • Caregivers know what services patients receive from other locations.
  • Provider relationships allow for open communication channels.
  • Organizations can be more proactive & prepared for patient visits.

Through patient-centered medical homes, CareBridge strengthens primary care practices and care delivery throughout the medical neighborhood.

  • Supports hiring, integration, and training of RN care managers
  • Practice-based care management improves patient/care manager relationships
  • Network of providers cooperate to provide team-based care

Patients are connected on a personal level and engaged in their care by professionals who help them understand their diagnosis. Caregivers serve as guides to help patients:

  • Access what they need, when they need it
  • Gain more control of their lives through better choices
  • Have support in adopting healthier behaviors

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